Eat. Play. Balance.™

My Approach to Youthful Aging

Eat . Play . Balance .

Well-being is the state in which your physical, mental, and spiritual health are in balance.

Our health is a symphony of interconnected systems which is optimal when all these systesms function in harmony.

I strongly believe food can be medicine, and that nutrition should be not an afterthought, but rather the foundation of wellness. Nutrient-dense, high-quality foods provide a foundation for health. Food affects your brain and thoughts affect your digestion and immune system. It's not merely about the food you consume but the essence of how, when, and why you eat.

But health goes beyond what we eat and is multi-dimensional.

Your “Play-list" is just as important as eating healthy. Long term health and happiness is rooted in positive lifestyle changes. Explore the power of play, where movements bring fun to both body and mind. Movement isn't just physical; it's a mental dance of joy, challenge, and discovery, leading to unparalleled health outcomes.

We thrive when all our key systems in are in balance and harmonize, unlocking your body’s natural abilities to heal and perform in it’s optimal state. This means balancing our hormones and metabolic functions, digestion, detoxification pathways, energy production, and nervous system. 

The mind and body are inextricably connected. What affects one affects the other. Health is holistic and we have to look at all aspects to make sure its all supporting your needs.

This is the backbone of my approach.

You will learn how to determine the right mix of foods to Eat, how to Play in unique ways that works for you, and you will learn how to eliminate imbalances of your key systems so you can live youner, longer, and with your best energy and health.

You will also learn from most current research & personalized lab testing to address your unique needs and dispel misconceptions.

This is your path to Youthful Aging!

Eat. Play. Balance.™

Diet is Deprivation - Food is Fulfillment

Food is the #1 determinant of health and disease during your lifetime. Your relationship with food is fundamental to how you approach eating and enjoying food.

Food can change everything. By learning about holistic wellness and nutrition, you can prevent and reverse chronic disease, reduce health crises, and empower yourself to take control of your health and well-being.

Food is fuel

Food is energy

Food is health

Food is brain power

Food is fun

Food is traveling around the world

Food is love, emotion, family, holidays, rituals, memories, and childhood associations

Food is for celebrating, for enjoying, for taking us to the spices and delicacies around the world, for traditions and rituals, and so much more.

Food is so many things at so many times. So let's say yes to the nutrition in food and to all the enjoyments that food brings.

I consider diet as an “eating-style” and not as deprivation. Many “eating-styles” can be effective and I will help you figure out the “eating-style" that works for you. The key point is that an eating style isunique to each person and their physical body and emotions and that it will change over time. I'm sure you’ve heard the cliché. "One person’s food is another person's poison” and there is plenty of truth to that.

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Eat. Play. Balance.™

“Play” is everything that gives you nourishment but that doesnt appear on your plate. Everything we consider as food and nutrition is really just a secondary source of energy.

We hunger for play (fun, touch, romance, intimacy, love, achievement, success, art, music, self-expression, leadership, excitement, adventure, and spirituality)!! All these elements are essential forms of nourishment.

I am going to help you explore and develop the power of new practices engaging your body and mind. To discover how to infuse joy and fulfillment into your everyday life… in other words, how to “play” again.

Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid?

You’d be playing outside with your friends when your parent called you in to eat dinner. “But I’m not hungry yet,” you’d say. At the table, your parent would instruct you to eat your food. Eventually, you’d force down a minimally acceptable amount of food and rush out again to play. At the end of the day, you’d return, exhausted, and go to sleep without thinking about food at all.

Have you ever known anyone super-health-conscious who pays great attention to the food they put into their bodies and deprives themselves? Have you ever known anyone who spends time with friends and family laughing together and eating burgers and fries and drinking soda who seems happier and healthier than the super-health-conscious individuals? That's the proof that there is more to health than the food we put on our plate.

“The body needs physical food, of course, but taught that a robust, fulfilling life is the real fuel for happiness and balance”. -Osho

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Eat. Play. Balance.

Health is more than the food we eat. It’s a complex puzzle pieced together by the water we drink, the air we breathe, the love we cherish, active lifestyles, job satisfaction, and spiritual connection.

While life doesn’t always strike a perfect balance, our goal is to acheive feeling a consistent sense of harmony.

While superfoods boost health, true wellness encompasses our whole life. Our bodies, with their innate wisdom, constantly adapt to life’s demands, striving for stability in every dimension.

Nutrition is key, but a vibrant life combines a nourishing diet with joy, purpose, and harmony.

With my Eat. Play. Balance. approach, we'll focus on not just nutrition and movement but also on optimizing hormonal balance, metabolic functions, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and building nervous system resilience.

Join me to start your transformation. Let’s aim for youthful aging, resilience, and a life that's both zesty and healthy.

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