Eat. Play. Balance.™

Your Holistic Path to Better Health and Well-Being

Learn how to Eat, Play, and Balance your life to optimize wellness and live with energy and vitality

Join me on a journey of Youthful Aging

let’s optimize the vital systems influencing our health & longevity, crafting a life where age is merely a number, and the spirit remains ever zesty, energatic, connected, & youthful

Staying younger much longer

Hi, I’m Kathy

I’m a Southern California based certified wellness and health coach, with a deep focus on women’s health and expertise in behavior change management.

My mission is to help individuals optimize wellness, prevent and reverse chronic disease, and live with energy and vitality.

I use my Eat. Play. Balance. framework to guide you with nutrition, and lifestyle choices to reset your physical and mental fitness. You will be able to shift your weight, energy, and your well-being without dieting so you can live and age youthfully!!

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Wellness & Health Coaching

At its core, this journey can be simple, delightful, and incredibly rewarding.

By embracing nutrition and lifestyle choices, and by understanding the unique intricacies of your body through symptoms investigation and lab testing, we can identify and address imbalances in key systems and functions.

We create a path tailored to your bio-individuality, rejuvenate both body and mind. This approach moves beyond fleeting diets in favor of sustainable changes and lasting youthful vitality.

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