The 10 minute "Garlic" rule... It's nature's medicicne and science agress!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 8:33 AM

I want to start the Lunar New Year of the “Tiger" with talking about Garlic!  

Not just because it is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet but also because it’s nature’s medicine. And science agrees! 

I’ve shared a recipe for my homemade garlic – olive oil topping below, but first let me share some of garlic rules! 

Garlic is part of the Allium genus which includes onions, shallots, and leeks. Its major active component, the amino acid allicin, is enhanced when garlic is either crushed or chopped. Its also what gives fresh garlic its pungent, mouth-watering aroma. 

Always remember the 10 minute garlic rule!  Crush, chop or mince garlic and keep it away from heat for 10 minutes. During this time the maximum allicin is created and stays intact during cooking.

One way to enjoy raw garlic and reap the benefits of its medicinal components is via a healthy garlic spread, which also includes olive oil (another healing powerhouse all on its own). When you mix these two and let the garlic marinate ... well, the results are mouth-watering delicious. 

You can use the simple topping (below) on a bunch of different foods. I add a spoonful to the top of pasta dishes, soups, and salads (after they are on the plate). Or, once fully refrigerated, you can spread it cold across your favorite type of toasted bread... you’ll be finding your own new ways to experiment with this one all the time. 


3 Bulbs of Garlic
1 Cup of Olive Oil
1 Glass Jar, with a lid (10 to 12 oz is ideal!) 


  1.     Break each garlic bulb into their separate cloves and carefully peel off the skin.
  2.     Place garlic into a small food processor, until fully minced. (You can also use a kitchen
    knife and mince by hand.)
  3.     Transfer minced garlic into your empty jar (again, 10 to 12 oz works great).
  4.     Pour olive oil over top of the garlic. We fill the olive oil all the way up to the top.
  5.     Fasten the lid on top of the jar. Turn the jar over a few times to fully combine the olive oil and garlic. 

Enjoy!  And Make sure to refrigerate after each use