About Kathy Hoss

Kathy Hoss is a Southern California based certified wellness and health coach. She is an influencer, speaker, event producer, and advocate with extensive background in consulting and coaching for individuals and corporations. She has helped clients through successful transformations applying her change management and sustainment expertise. With nutrition and lifestyle coaching she helps her clients create simple solutions so they can find and integrate healthy habits into everyday living. Turning “what we know” into “what we do”.

Her speciality is helping clients with a sustainable approach to wellness and a lifestyle of healthy longevity and youthful aging. She uses her framework of “Eat . Play . Balance .™ ” to address the many factors that prevent or are detrimental to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Optimizing health and longevity though eating the right foods, incorporating emotional and physical play to create a sense of harmony.

Kathy is a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has a Mathematics degree and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from UCLA. She is fluent in English, Farsi and French, and learning Spanish. In addition to her coaching and consulting practice, she is active in a number of nonprofits which she is also passionate about.

“To put it simply, Kathy is a nutritional goddess! Her holistic guidance has been invaluable to me in strategizing —and achieving—a diverse range of health and fitness goals.

She is humbled, nonjudgmental, and very open in sharing her own personal struggles with food, exercise and dieting.

Her expert approach helped to put me on a path of making right choices regarding food and nutrition, which were catered to my specific needs.

The personalized nutritional plan, we resigned together, worked for me, as I no longer felt that I had to diet to lose and maintain my weight. I highly recommend Kathy’s nutritional also nurturing program)..Best investment ever!”

— Dr. Azadeh Tabazadeh

"Kathy brings a certain passion and fresh approach to living healthy that is inspiring and fun.

She helped me understand my relationship with food which is helped me eat differently and approach my weight and health differently."

— Monica T.

My Mission

Well-being Transformation Coaching

I want to show anyone who is hesitant or seeking to try healthy living that it can be simple, sweet, joyful and super fun!

You will learn about nutrition and lifestyle choices to reset your physical and mental fitness to shift your weight and energy without dieting so you can live and age youthfully.

I work with clients of all ages to live joyfully, to age youthfully and to stay younger much longer. I help them achieve their optimal health and to be able to sustain that for a lifetime. To feel great in their bodies without dieting or yoyo of weight and to feel more vibrant, more energetic, more connected, and more fulfilled in every area of life.

For younger clients, having energy or aging youthfully may not present any issues at the moment, but Im a strong proponent of thinking about what you want the later part of your life to look like? Eventually, you will see the cumulative effect of decades of healthy living. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, it is a wonderful opportunity to leverage your youth and develop nutrition and lifestyle choices earlier in life and set up for a fulfilled and energetic future. Even if you're young and fit, fast-forward to consider what your golden age will look like. Learning and building healthy habits now will help keep you younger much longer.

For clients in their 40s, 50s, and beyond, this can be a pivotal time period. At this age, many adults become anxious about aging. It is even more critical to make sure that you understand the preventative behaviors necessary for living healthy and aging youthfully. At this time, it is likely that your career and families are in full swing which can pose some health challenges. For many, self care will take a lower priority while dealing with the demands of families and career. I help guide you through your goals and your fatigue so you can pivot in the right direction and live a more youthful and energetic life regardless of your age.

You will acheive a successful transformation to a sustianable healthy lifestyle.

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